Slips Trips Falls

Slips Trips Falls

Slips trips falls can happen both at work or in public places. Injuries sustained from slip trips falls can vary from twisted ankles to head injuries or back injuries. In some severe cases they can also cause paralysis.

Slip trip and falls claims can be hard to make. Depending on where the accident occurred it could be hard to determined who is liable and who to make the claim against. Collecting the evidence to prove that the injuries you have sustained was caused by the slips trips falls can be very daunting.

Slips Trips Falls Claims must be started within three years of an injury.

We could help you make a Slip trip and falls claim for compensation if you have:

  • Tripped on a uneven pavement
  • Slipped when floor was wet
  • Falling down stairs due to defects
  • Falling from a raised height
  • and many other circumstances

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Compensation for slips trips and falls can be awarded for:

  • Pain, suffering and loss of amenity arising from your injuries
  • Lost earnings if you have had to take time off work
  • Future loss of earnings if you are unable to return to work
  • The cost of medical treatment and future care relating to your injuries
  • Expenses such as travel costs to and from hospital